Monday, March 2, 2009


I really wanted Double J to wear a snazzy suit for the wedding...he was not into it-at all. So we decided on the traditional tux-minus the bow tie.

A local place, Nelson's, had a February special-Ring Bearer & Groom's tux free, and free shoes for the entire wedding party. So, last week, I went to Nelson's and picked out great tux's for the wedding. They ended up being Ralph Lauren ones. We also decided on the regular windsor tie.

My dress is not crazy formal so I didn't think the tux's should be.

They even had ties to match my bridesmaids dresses.

All in all...30 minutes...and I was done.

Check that puppy off the list.


  1. I wish JJ was wearing a white tux with sequins. Maybe I'll get Josh to wear one.

  2. I'll have Mike wear an orange sequined one.