Monday, February 2, 2009

Step #4-The Church

Like most couples, JJ and I spoke about how we would like our wedding to pan out even before we got engaged. I think it's a great idea to talk about it, that way you know that you are on the same page...and what better way to start a life together..than on the same page!

JJ's mom is sick, she had a stroke 9 years ago, and has been in a nursing home ever since. I haven't met her. I'm very sad that I will never meet and get to know the woman that helped mold such a wonderful man, the man I love. I'm also very shameful to admit that I'm terrified to meet her in the state she is in now. I'm afraid that I'll break down, and even worse...I'm afraid that I'll see JJ break down and not know what to say. He often talks about her, and even as I write this-I'm tearing up.

Even before we got engaged, we knew we would get married at the church that Lloyd and Isabelle Schell got married at all those years ago. To me, it didn't matter where it was, how big it was, or what denomination it was-It was where I would become the next Mrs. Schell. (I'm really sobbing now...I'm such a dork!)

I found the number to the church online, and for days, I called and called. Why doesn't this church have an answering machine??? We knew we couldn't set the date until we booked the church-and if the church wasn't available on our preferred date-we would change the date. It was that important.

My sister ended up knowing someone who went to the church, and gave me a contact number. I called this sweet woman who gave me the number to the Pastor. I was quick to call Pastor Duthie, and arranged to meet him after church the following Sunday.

October 3rd, 2009...Rutland Congregational Church

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