Thursday, February 12, 2009

no more steps...just details

so...I have a big family...

My Dad is one of 5 kids.

That makes me one of 15 Hancock cousins...and many of them have children of their own.

On my Mom's side, she is one of 3 kids.

There are 10 Mundy cousins...and again...many of them have children.

My family- there are 5 of us...and everyone but me has kids too!

JJ's family is not nearly as big since his mom is an only child and his dad just has 2 sisters.

I bring this up to merely point out the fact that I have a huge family.

I also consider myself very fortunate that I have many many close friends.

When deciding who to have in the wedding on my side, it was a not simple decision.

How could I choose between all of my best friends...How would I pick between, Kimmer, Nanner, Treesh, Toni, Pica, Erin, Sarah Ann, Janner, Dunbar, Rossi, Jacy & Zuba. NO WAY!

So...I'll admit it...I took the easy way out- I have 2 sisters, one married, one single...perfect...I'll have a maid and matron of honor! The other bridesmaid is JJ's sister Melinda.

It was very important to me to have all of my close friends at the wedding as well as everyone from this huge family of mine that I love so much. JJ and I had spoke about what we would do if we had to cut the list due to out budget constraints. The only thing we could figure out is that we wouldn't cut a single person that we wanted to share our day with.

I had the idea of having a dessert reception.

At first JJ was not into it at all, but after I told him how wonderful it would be to not have to cut anyone from the list, and we could eat sweets all night-he seemed more agreeable!

So...a dessert reception it is...
Cake, Chocolate Fondue Fountain, Cookies, Cheese, Fruit...and anything else I can think of.

---and as luck would have it, I was reading Martha Stewarts Wedding Magazine (I heart her, don't hate me), and dessert receptions are the new "it" idea!

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