Monday, January 26, 2009

Step #3 The Dress

So...I wasn't actually planning on my wedding dress being one of the first things that I could cross of my wedding to-do list..it just sort of happened.

My sisters Aimee & Stacy (Maid and Matron of Honors) are busy mommas and have very little free time, so when Stacy called me up on January 7th, and said that she wanted to go to Syracuse on Saturday the 10th, and maybe we could go wedding dress shopping...and Aimee is also free that weekend...I jumped at the chance.

Stacy called me back like 3 minutes later to say that she booked me an appointment at David's Bridal at 10 on Saturday (wow she is efficient...must run in the family.)

We called mom and she was in too.

Being the planner that I am...I went to the David's Bridal web-site about a million and a half times between Wednesday and Saturday. David's has a nice selection of dresses for those of us that are lacking in the skinny department! I picked out some ones that I liked from the website...and noted their order number. Then...I found this little link on the bottom that allows actual brides..not the model posing as a bride...to post photos of them wearing the gowns. I found this to be EXTREMELY helpful! (Who would have thought that a real person wearing a dress would look very different from a model wearing that same dress???? go-figure!) Needless to say...my favorite dresses were not the same as before.

Saturday morning (bright and early), we all pile into Stacy's SUV- Mom, Me, Stace, Aim and baby Mattingly who is my flower girl. We make the snowy trek down Route 81 to Syracuse in search of a gown.

A special thanks to my honey for buying me a Tom-Tom for my birthday, we got there with time to spare.

I should preface this by saying that I had no idea what to expect while trying on wedding gowns, I am not a real girly girl, and the idea of shopping for hours actually makes me ill...So I went into this thinking that I was just going to try some on..get sick of it..and look another time.

I sign in with the nice lady at the desk..and she assigns me Jackson (the wedding assistance from HEAVEN) She was so great...she (very discreetly) asked me what size I thought I needed and pointed me to that direction. She asked me to pick out a few to try on for now, and stated that I could try on any and all that I wanted. I picked out a few, with the help of Aimee (Mom and Stacy were in the bathroom with Matti...she had an "up the back-er"..I know the Mommy's out there know what I mean!) and took them to the changing room. Jackson appeared with headpieces, veils, slips & bras...everything a bride to be could want. Jackson would play with Matti, while Aim & Stace were helping me in or out of a dress...she was just wonderful, and her manager (didn't catch her name) was fantastic as well. At the end of the day..I try on a hand full of dresses, about a dozen in all and ended up falling in love with the very first one that I tried on! So..just to be sure, I put it back on, with the slip and veil..and a head thingy.
I gave the final the a-o-k to Jackson, and tell her that this is the one I want...she says "I think you need a smaller size." God love her!

-my best advice to a bride who is shopping for her wedding dress....take your sisters:) and your mother, and enjoy it...it is supposed to be fun, and it's true what they say, you will know it when you put it on!-

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  1. As I have no sisters and a mother that's not really into this kind of thing (and other mitigating factors, haha), my wedding turned out pretty much the only way it could, but I still sorta miss that I didn't get to do all this stuff. Therefore, I will live vicariously through you! Love ya!