Monday, July 20, 2009


Tonight, a friend from work, Melanie, had a psychic party. Willie is actually a medium, as he channels people that have passed away more than he can see into the future. There were about 15 of us there, and when people who have passed would "come forward" to Willie, he would focus on the person it was meant for.

Tonight, My grandpa Mundy came through. Among other things, Gramp said that JJ is a swell fella who was either trained well by me, or trained well before I got him. Gramps also told Willie that I am turning into my mother (something I have been coming to realize for some time now), and that I am a "fertile Myrtle".

This is my take on what I heard tonight- JJ rocks, I'm going to have lots of babies, and I'm going to be a great mom, like my momma!

Thanks Willie!

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  1. And you needed a psychic to tell you this? Of course you'll be a great mom, and JJ definitely rocks! Can't predict the baby thing though ;)